Thursday, 27 March 2014

Legacy Food Storage For Emergency Preparedness

Legacy Food Storage company, renowned for dehydrated meals is one of the best services for quality food storage needs. What makes this food store superb in market? This question is quite common among new customers. Superb quality is one of the main features that highlight Legacy Premium from others. It is an ideal choice for all in search of a store which can deliver dried foods within a short interval of time. Ready to eat meals delivered by this exotic food store makes your mouth watery with ins delicious recipes.

At present, Legacy Premium is equipped with a stunning array of professional chefs to deliver quality food recipes to customers. All the ingredients used for the production of recipes in Legacy Premium are tested for quality prior to use. Those who wish to enjoy their breakfast or dinner with delicious dried foods can certainly choose this exotic store. Today, there are several stores available online which helps customers to select their favorite food items.

Choosing the best store plays an important role in getting good food. Legacy Premium is renowned for getting quality foods at affordable prices. Certain stores offer foods at high rates. Unlike those sites which offer foods at high prices, Legacy food storage assures high quality and yummy foods at economical price rates. Legacy Premium serves as a wise site for all your food storage needs. Great variety in food storage facility is another key feature of Legacy Premium. In all ways, this particular store assures quality product at your door steps.

Good food is one among the main factors deciding your body health. Hence feel free to get good foods by selecting a reliable and trustworthy food store via online. This exotic site holds thousands of customers from all parts of the country. There are several factors to look before starting the storage process of food. Some among the main factors that must be considered to get high value of storage include quality of ingredients, residual level of oxygen and packaging technique. When checked, it can be found that almost all the products available from this store are certified as GMO free.

Studies say that the presence of oxygen in a packed food is a main factor responsible for its decay process. How can we prevent this condition? This question is quite common among people. Generally, all the food products given from Legacy Premium are packed by removing oxygen from the pack. For this condition, certain amount of nitrogen is flushed into the pack with the help of complex machinery. Pack containing food without oxygen is triple sealed to ensure complete protection from atmospheric oxygen. To absorb oxygen content in food, a small pack containing oxygen absorbing agent is put inside pack.

Certain food items packed in the above specified manner can even last for more than twenty five years. At times, food products prepared with certain ingredients like canola oil cannot be stored for more than two years. Hence it is recommended to check the list of ingredients added for the preparation of food recipes. Always make sure to select product devoid of oils like canola oil to last for more than two years. Legacy food storage is a perfect choice for all emergency preparedness.

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Is A Food Dehydrator an Investment?

Whether its raisins, beans or mango slices; dried foods are a firm diet favourite and a convenient ingredient to add to many recipes. Dried food can be put in baked food or they can add an extra kick to a stew. They have made it possible for us to keep foods beyond their perishable date, and in communities where electricity and refrigeration are a luxury, drying foods remain the best way to store food for longer without rotting or going bad. Food dehydration has been for in use for centuries; today the methods have become more sophisticated. In the past the sun was the dehydration agent for foods but with the strides in technology we have experienced there’s machinery that can do several day’s work in a matter of hours or even minutes. This website is the best place to examine if you have determined that this is something you could benefit from.

In the past, we could only consume the dried foods that were available on the supermarket shelves now with food dehydrators, we can turn more foods into the perfect ingredients for a dried food recipe. A food dehydrator comes in different forms but the basic idea is that the food is put into a chamber that is ventilated with fans of hot air that effectively cause the moisture and water content of the food to be drawn out, ultimately leaving the food dehydrated but still edible.

The dehydrator works for fruits, vegetables and meat but people get experimental and use the gadget for a plethora of other foods. This is the advantage of owning your own dehydrator-you get to experiment and create your own dried food recipe. Dried apple slices, for example, can be used in pie if they’re boiled with sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon and then baked after adding corn starch and lemon juice. Dried foods are also popular in making soups. The addition of water to the foods refreshes and replenishes so the soup will still be tasty even with the use of foods that have been put through a dehydrated. With this dried food recipe you won’t need to stick to certain ingredients, you have the freedom to make it the way you like it with foods you love.

Dried potatoes, corn, peppers, green beans, spinach and onions can be used for the soup-everyone’s favourite thing to eat on cold day or to cure a cold. In South Africa one of the nation’s favourite snack is actually a dried food. Biltong which is dried meat is placed in the heated chamber that strips it of moisture and then it is enhanced with spices, not only making it last longer but also making it taste better. Dehydrating the meat enhances the flavours and brings out a sharper taste to it. Having a dehydrator in the comfort of your home makes it possible to create these flavours for yourself.

Different brands offer dehydrators but 4 common and frequently purchased models are the Excalibur 4 Tray or 9 Tray, Ezidri Ultra Dehydrator and the Ezidri Snackmaker. While the drying of food is an ancient practice-today it has been updated and modernised with machines and methods that have made it possible for people to successfully carry the practice out in their own homes, making it accessible to everyone.

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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Tips for Emergency Food Storage

In today’s world, natural calamities are common. When droughts, earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes strike; one of the commonest problems people deal with is access to clean and nutritional foods. This is particularly true for those who do not prepare adequately for such unplanned events. If you live in a disaster prone area, one of the best decisions you can make to guarantee the safety of your family and or you is to invest in emergency food storage. Dried foods, as many people know them, have a long shelf life. They are also light, easy to store, and retain their nutritional value for many months, at times years, depending on the type of food and method of storage. This article highlights two strategies for planning for such emergencies in detail: 1) preparing your own survival foods and 2) buying ready-made food packs, to help you make the best decision.

Preparing Your Own Survival Foods

If you live in a disaster probe area and have a lot of free time at your disposal, a promising strategy for preparing for food emergencies is to prepare your own survival foods at home. This method is beneficial in that you can prepare and store favourite foods. You can also create customized meal plans that are easy to prepare once the need arises. To prepare your own survival foods for emergency food storage, you must do three things: First, choose the types of food that you want to preserve. High-calorie carbohydrate rich foods such as rice, proteins such as beans, and fruits are a must-have on your list. You should also store gallons of water, non-preparation foods with a long shelf life and any other food you like.

Once you have assembled your foods, the next thing you should do is to prepare them for drying. First, wash then thoroughly with clean water to remove soil and other contaminants that can lower their value during preservation. If your survival kit will contain foods such as meat, you are at liberty to cook them first, before you start the drying process. This way, it will take you a shorter time to prepare a good meal when a disaster strikes. Slice the foods into small slices to hasten drying and arrange then on a single file on a clean aluminium tray. At this point, the only thing left to do is to start the food-drying process.

Preparing foods for emergency storage is not as hard as many think. If you are aware of a looming food crisis and want a survival kit that only last a few weeks or months, you can use the power of the sun. Place your sliced foods under direct sunlight and let them dry for hours or days. If, however, you do not know when a drought or any other natural disaster can strike, use an oven or a dehydrator. They remove up to 98 percent of water in food, prolonging their shelf life significantly. After preparing survival foods, make sure that you store them well. Buy a pressure canner if you are planning for long-term emergency food storage. For short term storage, a high quality zip lock bag or plastic bag will work well.

Buying Survival Food Packs

If you do not have time or dehydrating foods at home is not an option, many companies nowadays sells survival food packs with a shelf life of up to 25 years online, and in brick and mortar outlets. Before purchasing in bulk, however, buy sample packs from several companies and check their taste, longevity, and overall quality. Compare the available options and choose a package your family will like enjoy eating. Buy and stock it on a shelf for emergency food storage.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

About Dried Fruits: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to three commonly asked questions about dried fruits:

What are the benefits of eating dry fruits?

People who eat dried fruits often enjoy many benefits. Four major ones include: First, like ordinary fleshy fruits, dried ones have a high nutritional value. Because of their low water content, dehydrated fruits are a rich source of natural sugars. For those who want to enjoy a palatable snack, while satisfying their sweet tooth at the same time, substituting fresh with dried fruits is a promising option. If dried well, fruits are a good source of vitamins such as potassium and vitamin C, which help to boost the immune system. Their vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and vitamin E concentrations are also vital for maintaining normal body functions such as regeneration of body cells, RNA, and DNA production. Finally, because of their low water content, high fiber, and high iron levels, dry fruits help to regenerate Red blood Cells (RBCs). They also expand the digestive tract and surpress hunger cues, which is essential when trying to lose weight fast and keeping many digestive problems (constipation, etc.) at bay. Finally, compared to fresh fruits, dry ones have a long shelf life. If stored well, they can stay fresh for around six months to a year.

How can one prepare dried fruits?

Even though dried fruits are readily available online, in supermarkets, and in brick and mortar shops, you can easily prepare your own if you have the requisite equipment and time. Buy your fruits and follow these simple tips, for best result: One of the easiest ways to dehydrate fruits is to bake them directly under the sun. Slice your fruit(s) into small pieces and place them under the sun. Let the slices dry to your desired level. Though effective, drying fruits under the sun distorts their flavor. The sun also degrades essential nutrients such as vitamin C and potassium, lowering the nutritional value of your end product. For the best results, cut your fruit into small slices and dry them on a pan in an oven under low heat (around 120 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit), until they are chewy. You can also buy a good quality commercial dehydrator offline or on the Internet and use it to prepare your fruity treats.

What should one consider when buying dried fruits?

If you consider drying fruits at home an arduous task and you have decided to buy a package from a store in your locality, look out for the following attributes to increase your chances of getting the best. First, check if the fruits used in your preferred package are of high quality. As the saying goes, quality yields quality and vice versa. Second, check the method used to prepare your package of dried fruits. As highlighted earlier, avoid buying fruits dried directly under the sun for long. Most of the time, their nutritional value is low. You should also avoid buying fruits dehydrated using harsh chemicals and additives such as sulphates. They are not tasty, have a low nutritional content, and most importantly, might be harmful to your health. Research well (both offline and online), compare products that are available in the market, and then buy a brand loved my many for its excellent taste, safety, and quality.